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Mar 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >>> operation cease fire, a major initiative to combat gun violence violence in oakland and a tough message aimed at criminals. >> crack down on gun he shows. a laum comes up with a way to ban that venue from private gun sales. >> fire at chez panisse q no word on when it might reopen. >> the $33 million lotto winner that kept her hair appointment today and she's not the one in the chair. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. a major crime sweep in the east bay. >> lokland police snatched a dozen violent criminals off the streets. cops swooped in before dawn, right sf. >> police say they do d.not work alone calling it a multi agency task force resulted in recovery of weapons and the arrest of suspects that they identify as violent. >> police conducted a series of sweeps, serving 24 high-risk search warrants. 20 in oakland two,, antioch, one, pacifica, one in, brentwood. >> there are key people we knew were involved in shootings we've targeted nor operation. and those are the people we went after today. >> multiple firearms were recovered. police say they're searching for a half dozen more suspec
Mar 21, 2013 5:30pm PDT
today. in oakland, the average home selling in just 14 days. in st. louis, real estate agent kate burmeister is going door to door, begging families in good neighborhoods to sell. >> here's some information about the neighborhood. do you know anybody looking to buy or sell right now? >> no. >> reporter: what type of house are people looking for? >> you know, it's not necessarily a style, it's the functionality of the space. usually over 2,000 square feet. three bedrooms, two-bat minimum. and then some form of an additional flex space. which is either a basement, could be a loft space or just a bonus sunroom. >> reporter: this is exactly that kind of house directly behind me. the owners put it up for sale on monday and they've already gotten two offers. they could easily get more than they're asking. diane? >>> and next, we head overseas, to israel, where today, in the holy land, jerusalem, president obama took a page from his campaign playbook. he urged young adults there to be the change and believe peace is possible. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl was there.
Mar 29, 2013 5:30pm PDT
bay. >> good evening. i'm dan ashley its happening right now. near the oakland coliseum at 82 avenue and a street. the gunfire broke out within the past hour or so. a child was wounded but not by a bullet perhaps debris. we don't know how. we do understand that that child was not actually shot but we hope to hear from leanne melendez very soon. >> an east bay family recounts moments they suffered after their baby was shot inside of the their home. the 1-year-old went to the hospital today to take the baby home. the bullets came through the window one struck the baby. his grandmother had been feeding him. today she told abc 7 news she fainted. >> i seen a hole in his neck. and that is it. after that, i don't remember anything ki have had three or four nem that home today. but god in his mercy kept us safe tonight. >> the family says they're moving out of the iron triangle. police are offering a reward for information on the shooter. the intended target was a man on a bicycle its been an emotional day for one couple that lost a daughter in a tragic shooting last week in virginia. a pla
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3